These coverage areas are approximate, there are many places beyond the boundaries which are reachable. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Downtown and West Pacific
PWI's headquarters' antenna provides coverage for most of the downtown area, the residential area south of town, and the residential area north of Osage. The antenna at the Comfort Inn serves Eagles View (except the villas) and the area near McDonalds, Burger King, etc. Another antenna at Baker's Ice serves the area around New Town Center and City Hall. The final antenna is located at the New Beginnings Lutheran Church on Hogan Road serves residences on Avery Drive, Averydale Road, Wisdom Lane, and the area around the high school.

South Service Area
A major antenna at Mid America Testing Labs provide service in multiple bands so that trees no longer prevent access. This antenna's coverage area exceeds 200 square miles and includes much of the area south of Pacific, Evergreen Lakes, and some areas in Allenton. It also provide a a bridge to other antenna locations.

Catawissa & Lake Serene
In place for more than a year, this service area includes all of Lake Serene, Most of Catawissa proper, and the area near St. James Church. We have been granted permission to install a repeater at St. James which will extend service to the valey beyond by March 15th, 2008.

Highway O Service Area
There are two antennas providing service to an extensive area around Highway O south of Pacific. The area also includes the industrial area in Pacific, some of Sylvan Manor, Phelan Road, Northwoods Drive, and the valley to the south of Grimm Lane.


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