About Pacific Wireless Internet

small_homePacific Wireless Internet was launched as a service of Protean, Inc. in January of 2007. In March of 2007 PWI became its own corporation, dedicated to delivering high speed internet services to rural areas. Since its launch with one antenna in Pacific, Missouri, PWI has grown to include six major antenna installations and over ninety managed nodes. Our growth plan calls for adding at least five new major antennas during 2008 and increasing the managed nodes to several hundred. This will give us the capacity to support many thousands of customers.

PWI uses only the most reliable and commercially-proven equipment in our network and for the customer's bridges. Additionally, we offer service in three separate frequency ranges to address the issues of terrain and foliage. Regardless of the frequency used, the service delivers the same high speed Internet to the consumer. Our network security is second to none. The backbone network absolutely prevents one wireless client from connecting to another wireless client. This is done at the network management layer and can not be overridden. In order to support the broadest range of client systems, our access points support a combination of WEP, WPA, WPA2, and Radius for authentication and encryption. As client devices become available with more advanced security, we will include them.

Each of PWI's management team has more than fifteen years experience delivering high quality IT and wireless services to industrial, commercial, and transportation customers. This experience has now been brought to the residential and small business wireless services. PWI's President and CEO, John Cooney, has over thirty-five years experience in Information Technologies and has held senior IT management positions at RCA, GE, Skyway Freight Systems, and Transentric (a subsidiary of Union Pacific).

Tim Cooney has joined the PWI Management Team to lead our expansion in the State of California. Tim has over 27 Years experience in the electronics and IT fields having held positions with major computer manufacturing companies to include Dell Computer Company and Tandem Computer Company. Most recently Tim worked for a major National Weapons Research Laboratory in California as a Sr. UNIX Systems Manager and Computer Security Specialist and has taught IT related subjects in the military, post secondary, and college environments.
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