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Getting Connected in All the Right Places
Our wireless network now covers more than 700 square miles in the Pacific, Missouri region, and is still growing. Check out our coverage maps to see our range.

Pacific Wireless Internet Introduces VHTA
     Very High Throughput Architecture
VHTA uses a specially engineered network backbone that virtually eliminates bottlenecks in traditional wireless networks. Just having a private connection to the internet is not enough. The challenge is to deliver consistently high throughput within the wireless network, even at peak usage times. VHTA delivers the full capacity of the internet connection to the most remote wireless access point.

Node Hosting Opportunities
PWI is constantly expanding it's coverage are and we're looking for property owners who would have good locations and would be willing to host a node. Please contact us for more information.

Free Software Downloads
PWI recommends these packages for anti-virus, spyware protection, and adware protection.
     AVG Anti-Virus
     Spybot Search & Destroy

Child Protection
Pacific Wireless Internet understands how important it is to keep your children safe while they wander around the internet. Here is a link to a review site with many options. Internet Parental Control Programs

"Still I can't believe how much faster your system is compared to satellite."
Don [Allenton, MO]


"Congratulations! From what we could see your network stayed up and running through all the rain, sleet, ice, snow, freezing fog and 8 deg F temps."
Ed [Catawissa, MO]

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